Seafood Diablo Pasta by Amici

An absolute seafood lover’s feast with a spicy kick. Clams and scallops in tomato and cream sauce on spaghetti sautéed with chili flakes and chili oil for an added spicy bite.
Regular P625
Gruppo (Good for 4) P1,145
Grande (Good for 8) P2,325


Caramia Classic Ube-Mini +
Caramia Pistaccio Cioccolato-Mini Cake.- +
Caramia Midnight Dream-Mini Cake +
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Caramia Strawberry Shortcake Slice +
Caramia Classic Ube Slice +
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Pollo Arrostitio Whole Roast Chicken +
Chicken Tenders  with honey mustard and pomodoro sauce +
Mozzarella Fritto with Pomodoro sauce +
Italian Chips topped with parmesan and served tangy pomodoro sauce +
1.5L Pepsi +
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Seafood Diablo Pasta by Amici


Regular P625, Gruppo (Good for 4) P1,145, Grande (Good for 8) P2,325